Managing Agent

Bobby Smith, Gulf South Property Management

Board of Directors

Stephen Segari, President/Secretary
Joey Stevens, Treasurer
Brian Grissom, Member At Large
Sandi McLaughlin, Member At Large
Jeanne Comeaux, Member At Large
Jay Heintz, Member At Large
Stephanie Popovich, Member At Large

Black River Architectural Control Committee (BRACC)

The role of the BRACC is to review, approve, and/or reject plans for the construction of “new” homes/structures and additional structures within Black River Estates as established by the guidelines set fore in the Black River Estates’ “Deed Restrictions and Covenants.” This includes structures to existing Black River Estates properties/homes, i. e. fences, swimming pools, sheds, walls, porches, signs, driveways, walks, storage facilities, additions to existing homes or buildings, etc. If you are considering the construction of any type structure, property owners are asked to submit two (2) sets of plans for the review process. Note, with the exception of new homes or major additions, formal architectural plans are not required. Plans may be delivered or mailed to Managing Agent Bobby Smith.

Your current BRACC committee members are:

Chloe Coombe
Jeff Coombe
Michelle Morgan
Andi Abramson
Genny Eckerle

Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC)

Black River Estates is a Covenant/Restricted Subdivision.  The role of the CEC is to ensure all property owners establish and maintain their homes and property within the guidelines set forth in the Black River Estates’ “Deed Restrictions and Covenants.” Committee members serve the interest of all property owners and to protect everyone’s property values and investment.  Duties are split between the Board, the BRACC, and Gulf South Property Management.